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4 Less Expensive Window Treatments Ideas

Window treatments are the decorations to make your window look more appealing. It can either be around or over the windows. This is usually done by those who are redecorating their houses or those who have a new house.

Curtains, Shutters, blinds, and shades are examples of window treatments. However, some of these could be a bit expensive.

So, we are going to give you ideas on how to redecorate your windows without spending much.

how to redecorate your windows

DIY on Youtube and Pinterest

Today, people who do not have enough budget for well-designed curtains still manage to provide beautiful decorations for their windows. It is because there are lots of DIY articles and videos that can be seen online.

Since internet shows how everything is done, you can definitely learn how to make a curtain made out of old clothes or leftover fabric. There is step by step DIYs that you can watch on Youtube and Pinterest.

As an example, you can use a wooden stick with decorations on it as an alternative to a curtain rod. Another is you can cut old shirts into triangular shapes and hang them on a string or rod.

There is a huge number of it, and all you have to do is to find which one you want.

Hand Painted Fabric

Most plain or white fabrics are cheaper than the other printed ones. You can buy a white textile and print anything on it using a fabric paint. But, before doing so, make sure that you cut it base on your window measurement.

For it to be even memorable, you can put handprints on the fabric with your family or friends. And, for children’s room, you paint letters or animals on the plain curtain.

Thrift Store

If you cannot afford to buy the window treatments on malls you can visit a thrift store. There are thrift stores that sell second hand curtains, blinds, shades and other decorations that can be used for your home.

In addition, since thrift store offers very cheap things, you can even buy extra decorations to make the redesigning of your room or house more exciting and modish.

If you are facing molds issue with the walls, you can check Asbestos Ace of Houston services to get rid of them.

Inexpensive or On Sale Window Coverings

Now, if it is too hard for you to do the mentioned ideas above, you can visit stores or blinds and shades company who can go with your budget. You can look for the items that are on sale or those cheapest ones.

Some stores and companies also give away coupons or promo codes, and you can maximize this for your window decoration you can find window blinds in Austin Texas. You may also visit Blinds and Shades Austin since they regularly offer discounted items.

blinds and shades company


It is practical to look for ways to save money, which is a very great idea. However, sometimes, as we try to be economical it results in spending more than saving more. It is due to not having in-depth knowledge of what we do.

Therefore, sometimes it is way better to spend on the expensive stuff but with great quality. Since it would last long, it will also save you money for a long time.


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