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Top 5 Window Shades for a Stylish Interior

Windows, if not perfectly designed, could ruin the interior design of your house. Though, its main value is to have air from the outside. However, if you want to keep the nice look of your home classy window shades would contribute to it.

Moreover, there are different types of window shades to choose. Here are the most popular types of shades.

Top 5 Window Shades

Roman Shades

This type of shade blocks the heat and light of the sun. It evenly lines up when adjusted. It is usually made wood and fabric materials. You can also choose from its variety of styles such as Looped and Classic Roman Shades designs.

Motorized Shades

This is the most convenience shade. Since it can be controlled by pushing its buttons, you don’t have to go near the shades and manually adjust it.

I have also different models that you choose to. So, you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic design of your interior since it has both its mechanical function and stylish appearance.

Solar Shades

Same as the Roman shades, this window shade protects the inside from the heat and light of the sun. And, the best thing about it is the shades allow you to still enjoy the outside view.

So, this type of shade is best during summer or warm season. Moreover, since it blocks damaging UV rays, it provides provide healthier environment inside the house.

Roller Shades

This shade also prevents the coming of the heat and sunlight inside the room. There are the different model of Roller Shades for your window. You just have to choose based on your preference and design of your room.


Pleated shades are similar to cellular blinds. The only difference is that Pleated shades are made up of one layer. It created from pleated fabric.

When Choosing a Shades…

There matters to consider when choosing shades for your windows. First is to base the style and type based on the size and shape of the windows.

The design or your room also matters in deciding which shades to use. It is preferable to choose shades that block the sunlight if it is for bedrooms. This would give you a nice sleep even when there are too much heat and light outside.

Additionally, you have to options to get a style that fits the interior design. Either you buy a Ready Made ones or order a customized shade. But, if you choose the Ready Made window shades you should have a standard size window. There will also be a possibility that it would not exactly give you the expected overall interior design outcome.

So, if you want what best suits your style then go for the custom window shades.


choosing shades for your windows

Where to Buy?

You can find a lot of stores that offers either Ready Made or Custom Made shades. You can even google it. But, it is not easy to find the best shades’ provider.

The first you need to do is to identify which shades you would like to have. After this, look online for the companies that have window shades and blinds as the main product. Check the reviews and ratings. Now, directly visit the physical store when you found the right one.

However, you can always visit http://www.bellmorevillage.org/wp-admin to inquire about your problem.


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