Find and post your property with fellow adventurists

Promoting your property

 Other than listing your property on vacation rental sites like there are many ways you can increase property exposure and bookings.  Outlined below are a few suggestions for getting the word out to fellow adventure travelers seeking accommodations:

1. and are excellent ways to increase awareness of and book your vacation rental. Both are very popular sites that receive high volumes of traffic. Visit or and simply click on the city of your vacation rental to begin creation of your ad.  Include your URL in the write up to direct visitors to the complete description of your owner direct vacation rental. Be sure to include a complete title that  reflects exactly what you are renting. For instance, “2Bed/2Bath, 1000sq ft ski in condo w/hot tub”.

2. Utilize Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace to spread the word to your network of friends. Soon your friends, family, and their friends and family will know of a trusted place to stay. People are more confident about booking accommodations directly from an owner, when they are working with a known entity. Utilizing word of mouth is a powerful medium that has potential for creating repeat, loyal customers.  And you will have more peace of mind knowing you are renting to people you know. Promote your complete listing, by pasting your URL into your Facebook or MySpace personal page or via updates you send to your network.  We make this process easy by offering direct links to the social media sites from your Adventure Pads property page. Click on the social media site icons on your Adventure Pads property page to get this process going!

3. Creating your own personal web site is another great way to convey the personality of your vacation rental. Choosing the right web site name, colors, descriptions and images will help to educate potential guests on what your property has to offer.  When creating your property page you will be prompted to include a personal web site link, should you wish to do so. And, conversely, don’t forget to include your Adventure Pads URL on your personal site. This gives your guests access to all the information, such as reviews and local tips, they will need in order to make an informed decision about your vacation rental.

4. Forums: When you sign up with, you have the option of creating a username and password that will enable participation in our forums. The goal of the forums is to create a community where owners, renters and prospects engage in conversations and share tips and ideas about sports, restaurants and activities available in specific locations. We highly encourage you to interact with travelers seeking advice. The quality of the information posted in the forum will encourage users to return to our site, which in turn, potentially provides more visibility to your vacation rental. When you reply to questions about your property locale, your username will appear with a hotlink to your vacation rental, which will further promote your property. We discourage blatant advertising in the forums, but encourage discourse that will save travelers time and money. Providing honest, relevant advice is a great way to start and grow a relationship. Subscribing to the RSS feed upon registration will allow you to see questions as they are posted.  Also, if you belong to a sporting forum such as, or (and many, many others), posting your link can effectively target like-minded people.

By working together to promote your vacation rental and, we can create a new business model for the vacation rentals industry – one that doesn’t require you to pay annual fees or a percentage of your bookings to fund the process.