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About Us

Thank you for visiting! The site was created with three goals in mind:

  1. To provide renters the functionality to make choosing a vacation rental quick, easy and safe.
  2. To provide vacation rental owners a FREE site to list their property.
  3. To form an interactive community of like-minded people by focusing on regions loaded with fun sports and activities.

Why did we choose these goals? It’s simple. The site was developed by a group of vacation rental owners with sports addictions.

We are families, married couples and singles – all with the same passion for enjoying life through adventure and activity. When looking for properties to rent and when trying to rent out our own properties we realized we were encountering similar challenges – and we knew we could build a site that would address those challenges. That’s why is free for owners and includes tools such as easy-to-use maps and filters for renters. By allowing local equipment rental shops, restaurants and tour guides to advertise on the site, we offer travelers pertinent information as well as fund the site by advertisers, not property owners. It’s a win-win-win. doesn’t have “cross-functional teams” or call the vacation homes on our site “products”. We keep things simple and concentrate on getting travelers and property owners/managers together. By encouraging communication through our forums we believe trusting relationships can be established, leading to repeat rentals.

From personal experience, we know that guests who stay in a vacation rental enjoy the very same activities and special points of interest that enticed the owner to purchase the home in the first place. These similar interests can build a common respect for one another. We love to talk to fellow travelers about favorite trips where we hit some fresh powder, found a sweet trail or arrived into town the same time a south swell was rolling in.

So, the more traffic the site gets, the higher the page will rank. Our goal is to change the online vacation rental business model to a FREE model. It’s a competitive market but our hope is that, soon, you will be able to remove your property from that $300/year site.

So, please, share your stories, give tips to strangers and most of all ENJOY THE RIDE! We look forward to sharing, seeing and hearing your travel stories, all right here in one of our community forums.