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Vanuatu Islands Vacation Rental Property

The Vanuatu Islands are situated in the southwest of the Pacific Ocean closely situated near Australia and New Zealand and consists of 83 islands. The most noticeable thing you will notice when you visit Vanuatu is the people. They are warm and friendly and welcome foreign guests with open arms. Never offer to pay to photograph them but do ask if you can take their picture beforehand.

There is a huge selection of restaraunts in Vanuatu with a lot of common food that you would find in America such as burgers and fries as well as bacon and eggs. They do have interesting local food such as a Tuluk which is a cake that is rolled into a cylinder shape and has meat in the middle. It has a very similar taste and texture to that of a sausage roll. There are also delicious steaks made from homegrown beef with no massive feed lots. So the beef is much richer in texture and tastes a lot better.

If you plan to go to a resort the most popular and largest resort is Le Lagon which has been in existance for over 30 years and offers huge discounts for kids and is a big reason why families with kids vacation here quite often. If you are looking for a vacation rental home such as a condo you can search for a Vanuatu rental on our site and if you own property in Vanuatu you can list your property on for Free.

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