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White Salmon and Hood River Kite Boarding Vacation Rentals

White Salmon, Washington and Hood River, Oregon are both co-hosts for some of the best kiteboarding in the world. Kitesurfing has become an ever increasingly popular sport with over 210,000 kitesurfers worldwide. It is reported that 114,000 kites were sold annually as well. Combined Hood River and White Salmon have a population of nearly 10,000 people. That number swells to double that in the summer months due to kitesurfing and other tourism attractions in the area.

If you are new to kitesurfing this area is definitely worth considering and there are also local kitesurfing schools and courses to help train you so that you can avoid possible hazards out on the surf and enjoy the most out of kitesurfing. When you are visiting Hood River you can go on a Brewery tour of the Full Sail Brewing Company. The brewery is famous for having craft beer and is the second largest brewer in Oregon. White Salmon is the smaller of the two cities with just over 2,100 people living there. It is also part of the major kite surfing movement in Oregon.

There are a few vacation rental properties in the area for kite surfers and people looking to enjoy a vacation in south Oregon. If you are looking for affordable vacation rentals in Oregon you can find them right here on If you are a property owner you can list your property on Adventurepads for Free.

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Cannon Beach Surfing Vacation Rentals

Canon Beach which is situated right next to the Pacific Ocean in northern Oregon and is a surfing paradise for surfers living in northwestern United States. Many surfers from Washington State and California come to Cannon Beach to enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

If this is your first time to Cannon Beach you may want to visit Ecola State Park which has a maze of different hiking trails and also offers superb views of the ocean as well as offering Oregon’s finest natural beauty. You will be able to enjoy all kinds of wildlife in this area.

You may want to visit the Haystack Rock and Tolovana Beach State Recreation Area which is home to the world’s 3rd largest Monolith which measures an astounding 235 feet tall. During the low tides you can also see the starfish and other types of wildlife situated right at the base of the rock.

There are local shops in the area where you can purchase or rent a surfboard or boogie board and enjoy the waves of the Pacific Ocean. You can also rent a beach bike or just enjoy the immaculate beaches as there are over four miles of beaches in the area. There are also a couple of small restaurants where you can enjoy classic American cuisine such as burgers, pizza, and of course; beer.

There are also a few vacation rental properties in the area which is perfect for those who are surfing in the area and are looking for an inexpensive place to stay while testing out the Pacific surf. Also if you own property you can list your Cannon Beach property rental for Free on

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Newport Oregon Surfing Vacation Rentals

Newport Oregon is a beautiful city in the north western part of the United States and offers some of the best surfing the state of Oregon has to offer. Also the city’s relatively low population of under 10,000 is also ideal for travellers as the beaches aren’t packed nearly as full as other cities that are larger like Long Beach, California. This is definitely a place for those who enjoy to have the open sea to themselves.

Newport is also home to the Oregon Coast Aquarium which was once home to Keiko the Orca whale used in the movie “Free Willy”. It has received high accolades from many media outlets including Living Magazine which has ranked the aquarium one of the top 10 aquariums in North America. Some of the exhibits the aquarium features includes rockfish, rays, and sharks. You can also see jellyfish sea otters, sea lions, and seals.

If you are in Newport to go surfing and it turns out to be a rainy day this aquarium is definitely a good option to spend time at. Also Newport hasĀ  a good selection of different property vacation rentals. If you own a property in Newport you can also list your property on the site absolutely free.

Overall Newport is a nice beautiful city with a smaller population and is great for those who want a peaceful outing on the surf. During the summer though Newport’s population explodes so it is usually a good idea to book your vacation early so you can find decent accommodation without having to pay high hotel prices.

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