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Hanalei Bay Property Vacation Rentals

If you have visited Hanalei Bay in Hawaii you will know that finding a bargain vacation rental property is definitely worth the extra space and great locations than booking a hotel room. Also with a vacation rental property in Hanalei Bay you have your own kitchen and living room which gives you the comfort and enjoyment you are looking for while away on vacation.

You now have the option of going to the supermarket and testing out the huge selection of foods available in Hawaii without having to continually pay for restaurant meals. Hanalei Bay is located on the Island of Kauai. The bay itself compromises of beautiful sandy beaches and immaculate skyline including mountains in the background. Bali High just to the north and the golf courses of princeville to the south.  When you drive into Hanalei, you immediately feel like you went back in time in hawaii. Cruiser bikes abound and many open air restauants/bars.  The beach is very mellow and laid back with mellow waves rolling in to make learning to surf or going out paddle boarding a real treat.

The area also offers historic value as it is home tot he Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum which has a wide variety of interesting facts and artifacts of the island including over 1,200 different pieces of history for you to discover.

The amazing view and beautiful beaches are what attracts many visitors each year and many different types of property rentals are available for your vacation. If you are a vacation property homeowner in Hanalei Bay you can list your property free right here at Adventure Pads. You can rent out your apartment, condo, beach house, or bungalow.

When you visit Hanalei Bay for your next vacation you may want to see what rentals are available before deciding to book a hotel. you could find yourself staying in a sizable space for the same price as a hotel room.  Princeville is nice but why not stay right at the beach with the ability to stroll to restaurants?

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North Shore Oahu Vacation Rental Properties and Surfing

The North Shore in Oahu Hawaii offers some of the most amazing surfing breaks Hawaii has to offer. One of the most popular spots to go surfing is Ehukai Beach where several professional surfing competitions are hosted and continues to grow in popularity each year. Three major competitions that are hosted on the North Shore are commonly referred to as the Triple Crown of surfing and include the Billabong Pipeline Masters, Reef Hawaiian Pro, and the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing.

The North Shore also plays host to three major women’s competitions as well and include the Billabong Pro, Reef Hawaiian Pro and the Roxy Pro Sunset. One of the big reasons that the competitions are held here are because of the immaculate views of the beach. There is also one other competition called the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational in Memory of Eddie Aikau. Unlike the other competitions where anyone can sign up to surf you must be invited to participate in this competition. Also the competition is not held every year like the other competitions as there is a minimum 20 foot wave requirement in order for the competition to be held.

If you are brand new to surfing and curious on how to participate there are several surf schools in the area that can get you on your feet and onto the beach. Several shops also offer surfboard rentals.

The North Shore in Hawaii offers a good variety of surfing and vacation rentals. I fyou are looking for a vacation rental just search for the North Shore on our website. If you are a property owner in the North Shore you can add your property 100% Free.

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Lahaina, Maui Beach Surfing Property Rentals

Lahaina, Maui is located on the beautiful island of Maui in the west section. The population is just over 9,000 but can rapidly change to over 40,000 during the peak tourist season and is known as the “Royal Capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

One of the most interesting attractions in Lahaina is the massive banyan tree that spreads out over 66% of an acre. The tree is also maintained by volunteers due to its sheer size.

There are also a nice selection of restaurants that have a vast array of delicious foods. One of the major events in Lahaina is Halloween where 20,000 to 30,000 people gather and a Parade consisting of the local children begins.

There is also an amazing PGA golf course located here and is host to the Mercedez Benz Championship during the month of each January. Lahaina is also a great place to go surfing as there are all kinds of people looking to go to Lahaina specifically for the great waves found on the beaches of Lahaina.

Whale watching is also another popular activity that visitors enjoy as the area is home to several large Humpback whales which can reach up to 45 feet in length and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Some boats do have a glass bottom so that you can see the fish and whales underneath the boat. It is an amazing natural spectacle.

If you would like to see Hawaii from above you can also take a helicopter tour which is an enthralling 45 minutes and gives you a bird’s eye view of the 3 Islands in Hawaii.

There are a variety of surfing vacation rental in the area and offer a cheaper alternative then a hotel.

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