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Teahupoo Tahiti Surfing Vacation Rentals

Teahupoo Tahiti is the host to the Billabong Pro competition held each year in early to late May which offers some of the most confronting and challenging waves in the country of Tahiti and the world. The only downfall to this particular surf spot is that it is very expensive due to its exclusivity and is nearly impossible to access. In order to get to the wave you will have to pay for a boater to take you there. That is just a prime example of how exclusive these massive waves are. There are bungalows and other vacation rental properties available in the area but range from $110 to $160 per night.

This area is definitely a prime area for those who enjoy pristine quiet surf breaks. The waves usually reach between 7 to 10 feet and is commonly known as a reef break and breaks to the left. Another reason why this surfing spot is so popular is because it is also host to the Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition which is part of the World Championship Tour circuit.

The waves here are also known to be some of the heaviest in the world and delivers a huge number of barrels. Because of the approximity of the shoreline only surfers in prime physical condition should attempt the heavy waves as they can cause serious injury or death.

If you are looking for a place to stay there are a variety of vacation rental properties in the area and Adventurepads offers some of the best surfing vacation property rentals in the world. You can list your vacation rental property for Free on Adventurepads.

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