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Park City Utah Vacation Rentals and Home of the Sundance Festival

Park City, Utah is a very popular skiing destination and has a year round population of just over 7,000. It is also home to the Park City Mountain Resort and were used as the primary Ski and Snowboarding events during the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

In 2008 this tourist mecca became one of the top 20 Prettiest Towns as listed by the Forbes Traveler Magazine. The city was once a popular mining community during the early 1870′s and had a wide variety of metal claims including gold, silver, and lead.

Today there are a wide variety of vacation rental properties where you can wide a nice collection of Ski Chalets, Lodges, and Condos for rent. The area is quite popular for tourists and finding affordable accommodation in these areas can be difficult and that is why you can search through our database to find a ski destination property that is affordable. Also for property owners it is free to list a property in Park City, Utah and several tourist destinations around the world.

There are also 64 different Victorian buildings in the area and is a great place for historians to vacation as they can see the elegance of the early 1900′s still in tact from the mining days.

Also if you would like to see what a mine looks like you can visit the Walker Webster Silver Mine including old mine buildings and mineshafts. So if you are seeking the thrill of skiing or snowboarding down a mountain Park City is the perfect place or if you are looking to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains Park City has it all for you right here.

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