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Jaco Costa Rica Surfing and Vacationing Rentals

Jaco is nestled in the province of Puntarenas along the Pacific Coast Costa Rica. If you want to access Jaco the closest airport is from San Jose which is about 80 miles away. The drive takes just a bit more then two hours but you could also take a bus. A bus is pretty cheap costing only $2.00 each direction and leaves from the Coca Cola station in San Jose.

Jaco itself is considered a small town but there are many activities that you can enjoy such as surfing and wake boarding. In fact it is fairly inexpensive to go wakeboarding or surfing since most board shops only charge $6.00 – $20.00 to rent a board for the entire day. You can enjoy suntanning and swimming but sometimes there are massive waves and riptides that you occasionally need to be prepared for so if you see locals suntanning further back you know why.

After you have enjoyed a long day surfing or relaxing on the beach you may want to visit La Central dance club which is one of the more popular night clubs in Jaco. If you are looking for a good place to eat breakfast the Sunrise Breakfast offers American styled breakfast and the La Hacienda offers a wide array of delicious steaks and burgers. I fyou are looking for something a little more authentic then you may want to visit Jacos Tacos which offers traditional Mexican food and also has $5.00 specials.

Jaco is a great place to spend a winter vacation and to find great deals on surfing vacation rental properties.
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