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Guayaquil Property Vacation Rental

Guayaquil is a major city in Ecuador that has over 3 million people living there. Fishing is a major industry and manufacturing based city which was founded in 1538 during the summer.

For those vacationing in Guayaquil you may want to see the Bahia which is a popular marketplace for clothing, CD’s, DVD’s electronics, and toys.

Overall the climate in Ecuador is very hot with the weather only cooling off slightly at night time. Year round the weather is consistently above 30C and is usually around 20C as a low.

Popular attractions include sailing in the majestic Guayas river as well as visiting the Municipal Museum. The museum features a wide variety of military trophies and also explains the tragedy of the Jibaros tribe.

If you are with your significant other you may want to take him or her to the Simon Bolivar Pier. It is a great place to relax and view the city of Guayaquil.

Another place of interest is the La Rotonda which was the place where the meeting between Simin Bolivar and Jose de San Martin. The oldest church in the city is the Church of Santo Domingo which was constructed in 1548 and was restored close to its original condition nearly 390 years later.

There are a variety of different vacation rental properties in the area including smaller homes and bungalows. The prices vary throughout the city but are very affordable.

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