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Dominical Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Dominical is a vacationers paradise. The best features about Domincal is the amazing beach and the ocean. Several thousand people a year flock to Dominical to take on the massive waves found at Dominical. Surfing is probably the most popular water sport at Dominical and they provide quite a challenge for all skill levels. If you have never surfed before it is recommended that you take some surfing lessons at least for these types of waves as it can be a bit dangerous if you land awkward.

Other interesting attractions in the area include the majestic waterfalls as well as caves and other beautiful scenery. Fishing is also another great activity among the tourists as well as going horseback riding and trying out a zipline. The shoreline of Dominical is very close to where the whales are seen swimming by 9 months out of the entire year so it is quite likely youmay see some swimming by. Whale tours are also available and are also a popular attraction in Dominical. The Humpback whale is the most common whale seen in the area but 6 other types of whales are also known to be swimming in the area as well. Dominical although is a smaller place to visit in Costa Rica it does have affordable vacation rentals in the area. You can search Dominical and look for vacation rental properties right here on Adventurepads. We also offer free listings for our property owners in Dominical and around the world.i

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