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Bend Oregon Vacation Rental Property

Bend, Oregon is home to over 82,000 residents and is a host to several types of year round recreational fun. Since Bend is located close to the Deschutes River people can enjoy some thrill white-water rafting as well as fishing.

Another great physical aspect about Bend is that it is also situated on the Great Basin high desert plateau which is perfect for hiking and camping and is also where you will find some fun challenging golf courses and places to try rock climbing.

For skiing enthusiasts the Mount Bachelor ski resort offers some of the best skiing conditions in the region and attracts skiiers from all over including Washington State, California, and of course Oregon.

Mt. Bachelor is actually a dormant volcano that erupted over 10,000 years ago. The ski area measures 14.9km square and has an amazing vertical drop of 3,365 feet.

There are quite a few vacation rental properties available in Bend, Oregon and some are actually quite affordable. There are also skiing chalets, cottages, and lodges which is perfect for those looking to catch some fresh powder at one of the nicest ski resorts in North Western United States.

During the summer the ski resort also operates a chair lift for those who like to go hiking or to see the overall beauty of the resort during the summer months. There are several golf courses in Bend, Oregon and one of the more popular golf courses is Widgi Creek Golf Course which features undulating sand traps and various hazards that can challenge golfers of various skill levels.

There are also some nice vacation rental properties right near the golf course that give syou quick and easy access to the golf course while on vacation in bend, Oregon.

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