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Mundaka Spain Vacation Property Rentals

Surfing on the beautiful coast of Mundaka, Spain is a town situated in the immaculate province of Biscay. Mundaka is known world wide for its amazing surfing opportunities with huge swells that roll in from the Bay of Biscay. Over a period time a sandbar was formed which helped develop massive hollow waves that you can see right from the harbor wall. It was also the site of several World Championship  Tour of Surfing championships.

The small fishing village also relies heavily on tourism and is a great place to go for a romantic retreat or family vacation. There are several vacation rentals available ranging from cozy apartments to spacious villas. It is definitely a good idea to check our inventory of vacation rentals that are available as you may find a property that costs far less then a hotel. If you live in Mundaka Spain and own a property rental you can list it Free on this website. You can help increase visitors to your property and reduce your vacancy rate just by getting a free listing with our website. Mundaka is a haven for quality vacation rentals so why not go and see what is available today.

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Fuerteventura Island Vacation and Surfing in Spain

Fuerteventura Island is the 2nd largest island situated in the beautiful Canary Islands, Spain. It is a very popular destination for tourism and especially surfing. If you tour along the North and West coasts you will find massive waves that  provide super surfing conditions and large swells.

There are quite a few recommended beaches including Ajuy which has unique black sand that is very finely granulated. This beach is awesome to look at but not recommended for swimming.  The Caleta de Fuste beach is a good option as it has a length of 600 meters and has fine granulate dlight tan sand with tiny pebbles near the shore. The beach is also safe for children as the shoreline waves are not too high and is also great for surfing and going jet skiing. If you are looking for a large beach you may want to visit the Costa Calma as it has nearly a full mile of beach for you to enjoy and is also popular for naturism.

There are  several other beaches on Fuerteventura Island but too many to list. Also if you are looking for affordable vacation rentals on Fuerteventura Island there is a wide selection of vacation homes, villas, and more. Also, if you own property on Fuerteventura Island you can list it on our site Free of charge. So book your Fuerteventura Island trip and find an affordable place to rent today at

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Zarautz, Spain Vacation Property Rentals

The town of Zarautz offers an amazing view of the beach and you can also take your surf board and ride the waves of the wild. There are also many convenient surf shops in the area so that you can go surfing either by renting a surf board or buying one. There are also quite a few bars in the area where you can get a pint of Guinness and enjoy the Spanish nightlife. If you notice a swell you may want to go to Puta Roca which offers a massive right hand break point and is considered to be one of the biggest in Europe.

You can visit the beautiful area of Mundaka which is easily accessible from the highway and offers some of the best scenic views in El Pais Vasco. Surfers who usually travel with a van like to camp all along the road where there is also a surf shop. This is probably one of the best places in Spain to go surfing and is incredibly fun.

If you are looking for affordable places for renting a vacation property you will be able to find quite a few in this area and also if you own a property here in Zarautz you can list your vacation property rental for Free.

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