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Lima, Peru Vacation Surfing Rental

Lima is home to over 7.6 million people within city limits and 8.4 million within the metro area. It is the capital city of Peru and is a host to several beautiful beaches in the region. The city is also the most popular access point to entering the country and is a tourist mecca with all kinds of restaraunts, nightlife, and attractions in the area. Lima is also a surfers paradise as there are brilliant waves right next to the city and you can also try out hanggliding and paragliding. The beautiful beaches and nice weather combine for an exciting adventure and there is also mountain biking available in this amazing city as well.

If you want to experience some of the authentic Peruvian lifestyle you may want to go visit one of the local markets where you can buy authentic foods and crafts. The Fountain Park Reserve is another interesting place to visit and is one of the largest parks in all of South America. The fountain stands over 80m tall and still holds the Guiness Book of World Records highest fountain record. There are 13 fountains in total and offer an amazing view for tourists. If you are looking for an affordable vacation rental there are several available in Lima and if you own property in Lima you are able list your property on our site for Free.

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Chicama, Peru Vacation Rental

Chicama, Peru is home to one of the world’s best surfing breaks and is very hard to find making it almost completely empty at times. It is reachable by car or bus and in order to find it you need to follow signage for at least 14km. Chicama is well known to produce amazing waves which can last as long as 2.2km. The locals have been known to even ride waves that are 2.5km in length. The weather is very moderate and nice with temperatures ranging from 15C to 28C daily. It is also recommemded that a wetsuit is worn in the water due to the windchill in the water.

It was actually reported that Chicama was first discovered back in 1965 by a surfer from Hawaii named Chuck Shipman who notices the tremendous waves when he was lookig out the window of the plane that he was riding in when he was returning home from the world surfing championships at beautiful Punta Rocas, Peru. Also if you are looking for vacation rentals near Chicama there are a few close by towns and cities that offer qualityvacation rentals such as a villa. Also if you are a property owner in this area you can list your vaction property rental in Chicama for Free. It doesn’t cost to add new listings or even update them. It is 100% free.

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Trujilo, Peru Vacation Rentals

Trujilo, Peru is a beatiful Capital city of the La Libertad Region and is third for the largest population in Peru. There are just over 800,000 residents that live in the area of Trujilo. There are all kinds of great things to do here including visiting the old  ruins located in Huaca de la Luna.

If you like to go surfing you can visit the world famous Huanchaco beach where you will find some of the best surfing in this area. This particular spot is consider a surfers dream come true as it has perfect size breaks and is ideal for both amateur and experienced surfers. If you are looking to find an affordable surfing vacation rental property you are able to find quite a few. If you own property in Trujilo you can list it with us for Free.

You can easily access the city by taking the Pan-American Highway as well as flying into airports with the closest one being he Carlos Pinillos International Airport. Trujilo is definitely not a place you will miss during the summer when the breaks are crazy.

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Punta Hermosa Vacation Surfing Rentals Peru

Punta Hermosa is a district in the Province of Lima and is separated into four different population areas including Punta Hermosa, Cucuya, Pampapacta, and Capilla Lucomo. The actual beach resort of Punta Hermosa is aituated about 42km from Lima and is accessible by the Pan-American Highway. There are several beaches in this area and they all offer spectacular surfing opportunities for experienced and amateur surfers. The beaches have thousands of visitors each summer and they are becoming increasingly popular.

There are a wide variety of shops and restaurants to choose from in the area as well as a huge selection of vacation property rentals. If you are looking for a villa, beach home or apartment there are many to choose from and are very affordable.

The surfing in Punta Hermosa is amazing and the swell can easily reach 9 feet or higher. The swell makes it very fun for surfers as it can carry for quite a distance as well. If you are a property owner in Punta Hermosa you can list your property for Free without having to pay any listing fees. It is a great way to add more exposure to your property without having to pay any large annual or recurring fees.

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