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Bocas del Toro, Panama surfing vacation stays

Many visitors label Bocas del Toro Panama as a paradise of sorts, and rightfully so. If a sun-soaked, adventurous Caribbean getaway is what you are after, it’s hard to top a Bocas del Toro vacation. You’ll find some of the best beaches in Panama here, as well as lush rainforests. It was just a matter of time until curious backpackers came to the chain of islands, however, some looking to see what the Bocas del Toro surfing had to offer. It must have been pretty ideal, because Bocas del Toro surfing is still bringing in a good amount of visitors looking to hang ten in Central America. It’s worth noting that Bocas del Toro surfing is quickly becoming the most hyped in all the south Caribbean. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also top activities for those on a Bocas del Toro vacation, and you can also throw in deep-sea fishing and kayaking. The Bastimentos Marine National Park is responsible for protecting some of the Bocas del Toro Panama islands, and you can surely find some great scuba diving and swimming within the park’s borders. There are many vacation rentals in Bocas del Toro where you can hang your hat and call home for a week or more. Its laid back vibe will be hard to leave. If you have a vacation rental property in Bocas del Toro, you can list it free on

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Playa Venao, Panama Vacation Rental

Playa Venao is a beautiful oceanic beach located in the Pedasi District in Panama. There are quite a few beaches in the area that offer some of the best surfing the country has to offer. The breaks come in many different varieties and Playa Venao is the most popular place to go surfing. It was also the host to the 2007 Central American Surfing Championships. Playa Venao has a wonderful variety of left and right breaks that cross over a nice sandy bottom. Anothe rgreat place to go surfing is the El Toro beach which has a left and right point break. El Lagarto features left and right beach breaks and then there is Los Destiladeros which has mnay different breaks.

If you like to go sport fishing you will not be disappointed because there is a huge variety of fish that you can catch. The Cubera Snapper is a popular fish as is the Roosterfish.There are several places you can take your fishing tackle and fish in the deep sea and all of the popular spots are within 8 miles of the shoreline.

If you would like to see wildlife there is the Isla Iguana Wildlife Range which is a 52 hectare island that is home to over 62 different bird species and is considered the largest nesting site for the Frigatebird. You can also go snorkeling and scuba diving and entrance to the park is $10.00.  There are several types of vacation rentals in the area and if you own a property in Playa Venao you can enter your property Free of charge.

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