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Granada, Nicaragua Lake and Boating Vacation Rentals

Granada is situated only a mere 45km from Managua and is nestled on the shore of Lago de Nicaragua and was founded in 1524. If you are looking for places to go fishing or boating you can go to the Las Isletas which features over 365 tiny islands which formed as a result of the massive eruption of Volcan Mombacho. There is amazing scenery for you to explore as well as the Laguna de Apoyo which is a magnifiscent lake that was created by a crater from the destroyed volcano.

If you are curious about the nightlife in Granada there two night clubs that you may want to visit which includes El Club and Cafe Nuit. It is also within walking distance from Oasis a trendy pub style club.

If you are looking for the best place to have breakfast in Granada you may want to go to Kathy’s Waffle House and is open from 630 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. At night the restaurant you may want to consider is Charlie’s as it features authentic German style food including Bratwurst. It is definitely a unique style of food not offered anywhere else in Nicaragua.

If you are looking for acommodation in Granada just type it in on the home page and our search engine will deliver available properties. Also, if you are a property owner in Granada you can list your property for Free on our site.

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Popoyo Nicaragua and Surfing Vacation Rentals

Popoyo is considered one of the best places to go surfing in Nicaruagua. In fact if you visit Popoyo make sure to bring your big daddy board shorts.  Central America´s Pipeline is in the outer reef. It can get up to 25-30 foot faces breaking on 6 feet of water.  Its definitely a towable wave and the mac daddy of Nica. I’ve been told by a couple of the local surfers that you can see the reef below you as the wave jacks up and you’re riding down the line. These breaks are known and revered worldwide and in contrast this town is about as rugged as it gets as far as developments. The roads are rutted out and there aren’t many places to eat or stay. The pizza place comes to mind..its great pizza but not the economical meals you equate with Nica. There are a few hostels but the renting a vacation rental with others is the way to go.

If  you need any taxi services to Popoyo you can take the Popoyo Taxi Service which will take you from Managua to Popoyo for $120.00 or if you are travelling from Rivas to Popoyo then the fare is $50.00. The rates are pretty good considering Managua to Popoyo is roughly 76km.

If the outer reef is a bit much for you, the best way to surf Popoyo is to go out with one of the surf camps. They will drop you in right behind one of 15 or so breaks within a 20min boat ride. The boat ride itself is pretty amazing as you rarely see another boat let alone a person.  Surfing in front of a jungle teeming with wildlife is par for the course.  With the consistent off shore winds in Nica its hard to beat the glassy shape of every break you come across. Its rugged, but if you are on a mission to surf incredible waves until you drop, this IS the place for you.

If the surf is flat which is very rare,  you can go on fishing charters with any of the several surf camps that operate out of popoyo.  The cost is based on how long you want to go fishing. For example a full day trip that lasts 8 hours will cost $475 or if you want a half day trip it will only cost $330.00 which is 4 – 5 hours..this is for the entire group. Also sandwiches, ice, bait, soda, tackle, and the captain are all included on the trip. If you do want alcoholic beverages they do cost extra and you need to let the captain know 24 hours prior to the booking date.

There are all kinds of houses available for rent and are very affordable. You can find a large selection of Nicaragua vacation rentals right here on our Also, if you are a property owner in Nicaragua or elsewhere in the world you can list your vacation property rental on for free. No extra or hidden costs period!

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Tola Nicaragua Vacation Property Rental

Nicaragua is blessed with an abundance of good waves, 330 days of offshore winds, and sunny weather almost all year-round. The surf rarely drops below 2 feet and it can get up to 12 feet from April through October. Tola, Nicaragua has some of the best breaks in the country. There are 2 sizeable developements that have many vacation rentals to
choose from. They are Rancho Santana and Hacienda Iguana. While Rancho Santana seems to be what California was 100yrs ago with rolls hills and panoramic views of the ocean, Iguana resembles what hawaii would have been like with a flat tropical feel with
a wide open beach pretty much in front of the entire resort. Both resorts have incredible homes built to the highest standards and on top of this, rarely is the beach or the surf
crowded, if ever.

There is a wide variety of villa and condo rentals in the area and are also very affordable. If you are looking for a great place to vacation Tola is probably one of the best in Central America. If you are a home owner or property manager and are looking for a cost effective way to advertise your villa, condo or other vacation property rental you can list yours right here at absolutely free. It only takes about 5mins to post a property and since adventurepads focuses on sports travelers, you will rent to people looking to surf hard and relax the whole time they are there. We aim to be one of the best free property listing rental sites in the world including the beautiful country of Nicaragua.

If you are looking for a nice place to eat both Hacienda Iguana and Rancho Santana have restaurants and usually no crowds. They are mainly western cuisine but they do introduce some Nicaraguan meals into their menus. If you want to venture out, there is a great little cafe called Maria’s on the way to Popoyo. Its very inexpensive but great food. Just make sure to brush up on your spanish.

Once you are there, and looking to surf or hang out on the beach, there are many
spots to choose from. Iguana has panga drops and colorado breaks right in front of
the resort while Rancho Santana sports as impressive breaks called Los Perros, Santana,
and Playa Rosada. Check out for a beach cam of Santana.
If you need a break from surfing or its just not your thing, you can always play golf at Iguana, snorkel, or just lounge around the beach or many private pools many of the vacation rentals have. It truly is paradise in the lap of luxury.
Surf Nicaragua before there are more than 5 people in the lineup.

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San Juan Del Sur Surfing Vacation Rental in Nicaraga

Nicaragua is home to a coastal gem known as San Juan del Sur and is a surfing hotspot in Central America. The beaches are just amazing and offer vacationers an affordable place to find a vacation rental while they go lay on the pristine beaches.

The population of the San Juan del Sur area is just under 19,000 in which many people from Canada, US, and Europe have came to live here permanently. The bay of San Juan del Sur looks similiar to a Crescent shape and was where the gold prospectors from the early 1850′s had made their gold claims.

The surfing in this area is absolutely amazing with thousands upon thousands of visitors flocking to the beaches each year to enjoy some of the rowdiest waves in the area.

The great feature about this area is that eventhough it is still developing it has all of the amenities you would require including affordable restaraunts and several hotels and resorts to choose from.

The El Pozo Bar and Restaurant is a charismatic American Bistro recently developed and uses fresh local Nicaraguan ingredients for the freshest and best tasting food available. You can find them located just a block south of the popular Avenida El Alvinal market which is where many tourists love to go shop. It is open every day of the week except for Wednesdays.

Mauricio’s is a delicious pizzeria that is a favourite among the locals and the tourists in the area. The pizzas are very affordable costing only $6.00 and can feed two people easily. They also have other types of American style foods such as pasta, salad, meat, and fish. The environment is quite relaxed and feel free to grab a chess board as they are quite common at this restaurant.

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Chinandega Nicaragua Property Vacation Rentals

Chinandega is home to over 121,000 residents and is situated only 12 miles form the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most popular landmarks in Chinandega is the San Cristobal volcano. The name Chinandega derives from the term “City of Oranges” and there are several beaches in the area for visitors to enjoy swimming, surfing, and tanning. There are also several landmarks you can visit as well which include the El Calvario Parish which was built back in 1874 by the Bishop Manueal Ulloa y Calvo. The original structure was destroyed by an earthquake and was rebuilt. Another historical landmark worth visiting is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe which was built back in 1855 and was also destroyed by the same earthquake that destroyed the El Calvario Parish. It too was rebuilt and has since been fully restored by the COEN Foundation. The Church was elevated from a church status to a “sanctuary” status. If you are looking for property rentals in Chinandega you can find them by searching on our site and if you own a property in Chinandega you can list your property for Free on our website without having to pay huge advertising rates to promote your property.

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Poneloya Nicaragua Property Vacation Rentals

Poneloya is a beautiful beach based town situated on the beautiful coast of Nicaragua. The beach is definitely a surfers dream come true as it is over 1.5 km long and features dark sand and coral. It is probably one of the nicest beaches on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Most people who travel here from other countries are here during Christmas and winter holidays and several people who live in the city of Leon come here often to vacation. There is regular bus service to the area where the bus will leave each every hour from the market in Leon. A majestic Volcano can also be seen from the beach and adds to the beauty while swimming or surfing. The temperatures of Poneloya range from 32C to 40C making it one of the hottest vacation destinations in Nicaragua. If you are looking for a vacation rental near Poneloya  you can search our site using our integrated search feature and if you are a property owner you can list your property on adventurepads 100% Free and add extra exposure without having to pay expensive advertising fees like you have to do with other websites.

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