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Monteverde Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Monteverde is a beatiful tourist destination filled with a variety of fun vacation activities. The area has exploded with growth from the tourist industry, jumping from 50,000 per year in the middle of the 1990′s to well over 250,000 per year last year. Due to the substantial growth,  several vacation rental properties have become available for rent. A beautiful vacation property is generally less expensive then a hotel and provides many amenities that hotels don’t always have, such as a full kitchen.

Monteverde is popular for its rainforest and impeccable mountain ranges. In fact, the biggest attraction in Monteverde is the Reserva Biologica Bosque Nuboso Monteverde which is a massive nature reserve with several types of animals and insects not found on other continents. There are 9, or 13km, of trails and research stations to observe the majestic beauty of the area. The nature reserve sees well over 70,000 visitors per year and is home to the most orchids in the world with recent discoveries of 34 brand new species.

If you’re intersted in viewing (and hearing) one of the ten most active volcanoes in the world, take a trip to Arenal. It’s an 8 hour drive on a bumpy road, but what an experience it is to see lava rocks rolling down a mountain side!  It is active nearly every half hour or 41 times per day.  On a clear day, you can see the picture-perfect, cone shape volcano spewing ash and lava. And, this makes for awesome hot springs to soak in throughout the day (or evening)!

For affordable Monteverde vacation rentals, type Monteverde in the search box.  Or, if you have a Monteverde property, list with us – it’s FREE.

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