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Cook Islands Vacation Rental Property

The Cook Islands are located in the beautiful Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. The most popular places to visit by tourists are Rarotanga and Aituutaki where you can find a wealth of tourist information. If you are looking for a nice winery or brewery tour the Matutu Brewery is a local brewery that brews their own brand of Pale Ale and Lager beers.

The Cook Islands are a mecca for tourists looking to go snorkeling or swimming in the beautiful islands where you can see a huge variety of different fish and sea creatures. The ocean is fairly safe and some beaches do have lifeguards.

If you somehow do get injured or sick on your vacation, the Rarotanga hospital does provide first rate medical care. If you are looking for affordable accommodation there are all kinds of vacation property rentals available in the area ranging from condos to beach front vacation homes. If you own a piece of proprty and would like to list your proprty rental you can post it for Free on the Adventurepads website.

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Bora Bora French Polynesia Vacation Rentals

Bora Bora is a beautiful volcanic island situated in the French Polynesia region. If you are looking for a tight budget vacation Bora Bora is probably not your best bet as everythig is very expensive and has even been described as insanely expensive. The best island to visit that is good for a tight budget is Moorea. Should you have the opportunity to see Bora Bora there is a lot of activities available including the Shark and Ray Snorkel Safari where you can snorkel in shallow waters in the lagoon where there are typically between 10 – 15 sharks  and 10 – 15 rays approach the boat and will avoid snorkelers that are able to swim close to the sharks.

The Windwards Islands Yacht Charter is one of the world’s largest yacht charter companies and they offer yacht charter services throughout the entire French Polynesia area. An interesting activity you may also want to consider is the AquaSafari wher eyou can enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery without having to learn how to swim. Children 8 and over are also able to partake in the safari. This area is loaded with all kinds of luxury vacation rentals and if you own a property rental in Bora Bora you can list your property for Free on Adventurepads. There is a large selection of vacation rentals that are available.

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Moorea French Polynesia Vacation Property Rentals

Moorea is situated just off the coast of Tahiti and is definitely a place to visit if you are on a low budget. The look and feel of Moorea is more of the local town then a touristy feel and the roosters crowing at 6am every morning can get on the nerves after a few days but if you are able to get a good night’s rest then that won’t even be a minor issue for you. There are all kinds of fun thing syou can do including surfing. There are quite a few reef breaks which are not that great for those just trying to learn how to surf. There is also hiking which includes a labour intensive network in Moorea and with the mosquitoes lurking in the woods it is a great idea to bring Mosquito spray so that you are not eaten alive. If you like to go 4x4ing off road there are guided tours available and the majority of the trips last 4 hours in length usually the cost of the trip is about $50.00 per person. If you love to go horsebacking riding there is a few places wher eyou can go riding on a horse but the price is slightly more then 4x4ing with a cost of about $120 – $300 per person. If you are looking for a cheap vacation rental you can search on our website and find a low cost vacation rental property and if you own a vacation property in Moorea you can list your vacation rental Free on

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Tahiti French Polynesia Vacation Rentals

Tahiti is situated in the French Polynesia and is considered the largest of 118 islands. The capital city is Papeete which is a mecca of cargo ships luxury liners and huge yachts. There is also a growing population of shops, fashions, handicrafts, jewelery, and souvenirs. There is a variety of places to see including the Arahaoho Blowhole whic is situated on the North side of Tahiti Nui and is a blowhole that formed on a road and the waves from the beautiful Atlantic ocean crash inside the blowhole. If you like to go golfing the Olivier Breaud Golf Course is an amazing golf course that features a very intricate and fun layout. There are a couple of museums in the area including the Museum of Tahiti which contains a very deep collection of historical masterpieces and if you are interested in island history the Black Pearl museum is a haven for island history and information. If you are a surfer, its hard to not think about the awe of Teahupoo, one of the most advanced wave to surf in the world. 

 It is known for its heavy, glassy waves, often reaching 2 to 3 m (7 to 10 ft) and higher. It is the site of the annual Billabong Pro Tahiti surf competition, part of the World Championship Tour (WCT) of the ASP World Tour professional surfing circuit and used to be one stop in the World Tour of the International Bodyboarding Association.

Teahupo’o is a reef break. It is mainly left-breaking, but the outer reef also creates right breaks that surfers must be cautious of when paddling out. Teahupo’o is also renowned for the consistent number of barrels it delivers. It is a rewarding location and is widely regarded as being on the ‘must-surf’ list of every advanced surfer. However, only experienced surfers in peak physical condition should attempt Teahupo’o; heavy waves combined with a shallow shoreline can result in serious injuries and even death in a wipeout. If you are super hungry then you may want to visit the To’ata which is a square loaded with restaurants and is the most popular place to go for food. There is quite an abundance of vacation rental properties in the Tahiti area and if you are a property owner in Tahiti you can list your vacation rental property for Free on Adventurepads.

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