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La Libertad Vacation Property Rental

La Libertad is most popular for being a surfing mecca for all level of surfers. One of the most popular surfing areas in Libertad is El Puerto which is a host to several right points and has quick pulsing waves that last over 30 seconds and give riders a huge rush of energy. The only downfall to this area is the rocky bottom in some areas.  Some of the waves can carry surfers more then 2,600 feet.

The waves also produce very powerful walls that hollow out into decent barrels. There is a precarious boulder that is also in the way and is known to cause injuries so you must be careful and try to position yourself as far away from the boulder as possible. There are some other notorious spots to surf in the area as well such as La Bocana, El Zunzal, Conchalio, El Zonte, and San Diego. Each area produces some decent wave action for your surf board.

Also if you are looking for affordable accommodation the area is filled with a wide variety of different property rentals and also if you are a property owner in the area you can list your La Libertad property rental Free. You just sign up and list your vacation rental property and you don’t have to pay a penny.

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El Cuco Vacation Rentals in El Salvador

El Cuco is a very tiny fishing village located about three hours from the city of La Libertad and is a very popular surfing spot for tourists. The beach itself is amazing and the waves are spread out far from the beach. The waves in El Cuco are perfect for beginning surfers and are also great for those who have been surfing for a long time. Also it is a great place to try fishing as there are fishing boats in the area as well.

Once you have packed up your surfboard and have headed out to El Cuco you will be happy you made this choice as soon as you see how great the wave action is. Also the water is very warm and actually fairly clean as well. Also if you are looking for accommodation in the area there are a few different types of vacation property rentals in the area however they are spread out a bit into a subdivision in behind the beach and surf. There are many different options though and the beach is absolutely huge. You can walk out 100+ feet before you even reach the surf. It is definitely a surfers paradise and there are a few amenities in the area such as a restaraunt and shop.

If you are a property owner in El Cuco feel free to list it right here on for free. It is easy and quick to have your vacation property listed on one of the fastest growing vacation property rental sites in the world.

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