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Quito Ecuador Property Vacation Rentals

Quito is also known as San Francisco de Quito and is the capital city of the South American country of Ecuador. The city is home to over 1.4 million residents and is situated a mere 15 miles from the equator. Quito is famous for being situated right near an active volcano and is one of only a few cities in the world situated very close to a volcano. If you are looking for a place to enjoy biking, hiking, running, and walking then you may want to visit the Metropolitano. The Metropolitano is a beautiful park that is located in the northern part of Quito and has a wide variety of trails and there are four sites that have barbeques and are suitable for picnics.

Another good park to visit is El Ejido which is considered the third largest park in Quito and is a host to a variety of handicrafts that are available for sale every Saturday and Sunday and pricing is negotiable. You make a deal with the vendor which is also commonly referred to as haggling.

If you are looking for a property rental in Quito you can search our site where we aim to provide the most vacation rentals then any other website and if you are a property owner in Quito you can list your property for Free and add exposure to your property.

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Ambato Ecuador Vacation Home Rentals

Ambato, Ecuador is situated in the province of Tungurahua and has over 350,000 residents year round. One of the biggest events in Ambato is the Festival of Fruits and Flowers during the month of February. The festival was created to honor the tenacity of Ambatenos and is considered to be the most important festival held in Ecuador. The fruit industry is an important economic benefit to Ecuador.

One of the popular attractions in Ambato is La Catedral which is considered to be the most recognizable symbol in the city and was build back in 1689. The church was destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt to a bigger size but was levelled again by an earthquake in 1797. This church didn’t have much luck surviving the massive 1949 earthquake and was rebuilt once again in 1954 and has remained intact ever since.

Sports such as tennis and soccer are very popular in Ambato so if you are looking to do something fun and active there are a few soccer fields and tennis courts in the city for tourists to enjoy.

The Central Library is another popular place for tourists to visit and features over 70,000 different books and also has several computers for people to access the internet. The library serves the entire province of Tungurahua. There are a wide variety of vacation rental properties available in Ecuador and for property owners they can also list their Ambato property rental for free on our website.

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Cuenca, Ecuador Fishing and Vacationing

Cuenca, Ecuador is home to just over 467,000 and nestled 8200 feet above sea level making it one of the largest cities at that altitude in the world. What makes Cuenca such a popular vacation hot spot is the fishing in the high altitude lakes. The spot is just amazing and looks spectacular. If you are looking for a place to relax and go fishing this place should definitely be high on your list. Of all of the cities in Ecuador, Cuenca is arguably the most charming with its cobblestone streets, old-world cathedrals, colonial parks and urban rivers. The famously traditional Cuencanos continue a proud intellectual tradition that has produced more notable writers, poets, artists, and philosophers than anywhere else in Ecuador.

If you are interested in visiting historical sites such as churches and cathedrals the New Cathedral which was built in 1885 is the main church in Cuenca and overlooks the city. It is uniquely noted for having three large domes. Also the El Sagrario is another uniquely built church that was built in 1557. Admission to the church is a decent $2.00.

If you would like to take a sightseeing tour of Cuenca you can tour the city on a special sightseeing bus for only $5.00. It gives riders a full two hour comprehensive tour of the entire city. The bus leaves from Parque Calderon.

When you are done fishing and have reeled in a few beauties you may want to go to the La Mesa and enjoy some delicious drinks and food. The other option is the El Cafecito where you can enjoy pasta and sandwiches but the La Mesa is better for hanging out with friends and enjoying the night life atmosphere. Be sure to check out vacation property rental listings to stay in the city and feel like you live there. If you are a property owner in Cuenca, you can list your vacation property free on Staying in vacation home accommodations is always a treat in such a historic city.

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Guayaquil Property Vacation Rental

Guayaquil is a major city in Ecuador that has over 3 million people living there. Fishing is a major industry and manufacturing based city which was founded in 1538 during the summer.

For those vacationing in Guayaquil you may want to see the Bahia which is a popular marketplace for clothing, CD’s, DVD’s electronics, and toys.

Overall the climate in Ecuador is very hot with the weather only cooling off slightly at night time. Year round the weather is consistently above 30C and is usually around 20C as a low.

Popular attractions include sailing in the majestic Guayas river as well as visiting the Municipal Museum. The museum features a wide variety of military trophies and also explains the tragedy of the Jibaros tribe.

If you are with your significant other you may want to take him or her to the Simon Bolivar Pier. It is a great place to relax and view the city of Guayaquil.

Another place of interest is the La Rotonda which was the place where the meeting between Simin Bolivar and Jose de San Martin. The oldest church in the city is the Church of Santo Domingo which was constructed in 1548 and was restored close to its original condition nearly 390 years later.

There are a variety of different vacation rental properties in the area including smaller homes and bungalows. The prices vary throughout the city but are very affordable.

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Surfing Vacation Rentals in Montanita, Equador

Montañita, Equador is a small coastal town located in the province of Santa Elena. The town became famous very slowly and over decades has evolved from surfers camping out and a few fishing shacks to today with Montañita becoming a multicultural destination beach town.
There are all types of lodging in this quaint town including hostels up to very nice hotels with all the amenities. But if you wish to stay in a surf home by the beach, a montanita vacation rental is the way to go. Rentals in Montanita range from surf houses, condos, villas or beautiful upscale pads with a private pool for very reasonable rates. Montanita has a superb climate with with the average temps being 26C/82F and even during the rain season(Dec – May) it mainly only rains at night.
Surfers looking for a great wave, fun town, very affordable accommodations and an amazing culture to be amassed in, then gather your friends and rent a vacation rental home in Montanita, Eq. Check out the listings on

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Canoa, Ecuador Surfing Vacation Rentals

Canoa, Ecuador is a very popular destination for surfers in the know. Canoa is comparable to Montanita but without the crowds, high prices and actually has more surf breaks. There is not as much to do as Montanita so for where it lacks in nightlife, it makes up for in quality surf.  It has a beautiful uncrowded beach, funky bars, cheap eats and a few souvenir shops.  If you are visiting Canoa chances are you are here for the amazing surf opportunities as there are some spectacular places to surf. So bring your surfboard or rent one at one of the many surf shops and hit the uncrowded waves. Another popular attraction to Canoa is the bluff behind the city. Its a mini cliff and launching point for many parasailers and hang gliders. This bluff makes for a perfect take off point and the uncrowded beach makes for a great landing spot. If you are looking for an affordable vaction rental in Equador, you can browse our locations on as well if you own a vacation home in Canoa, Ecuador you can list your vacation rental on adventurepads for Free. It is a great way to add extra exposure to your vacation rental without having to spend more money on advertising.

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Galapagos Islands Surfing and Accomodations in Ecuador

The Galapagos Islands straddle the equator, approximately 800 km west of the Ecuador mainland and are made up of fifteen main islands plus three islands that are smaller in size. They have been named a UNESCO World Heritage site and are world renown for the numerous endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin and played a large role in the creation of his theory of evolution by natural selection.

The Galapagos are designated as a national park, a marine preserve and whale sanctuary, but did you know they also offer superb, world-class surfing?  The main surfing spots are located on the islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal and are recommended for experienced surfers only.

There are plenty of accommodations on the islands - at all price ranges - including yachts, hotels and pensions.

If your travel brings you to the mainland, be sure to check out our vacation rentals on And,  if you own a vacation rental property you can list your property free on

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