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Cuenca, Ecuador Fishing and Vacationing

Cuenca, Ecuador is home to just over 467,000 and nestled 8200 feet above sea level making it one of the largest cities at that altitude in the world. What makes Cuenca such a popular vacation hot spot is the fishing in the high altitude lakes. The spot is just amazing and looks spectacular. If you are looking for a place to relax and go fishing this place should definitely be high on your list. Of all of the cities in Ecuador, Cuenca is arguably the most charming with its cobblestone streets, old-world cathedrals, colonial parks and urban rivers. The famously traditional Cuencanos continue a proud intellectual tradition that has produced more notable writers, poets, artists, and philosophers than anywhere else in Ecuador.

If you are interested in visiting historical sites such as churches and cathedrals the New Cathedral which was built in 1885 is the main church in Cuenca and overlooks the city. It is uniquely noted for having three large domes. Also the El Sagrario is another uniquely built church that was built in 1557. Admission to the church is a decent $2.00.

If you would like to take a sightseeing tour of Cuenca you can tour the city on a special sightseeing bus for only $5.00. It gives riders a full two hour comprehensive tour of the entire city. The bus leaves from Parque Calderon.

When you are done fishing and have reeled in a few beauties you may want to go to the La Mesa and enjoy some delicious drinks and food. The other option is the El Cafecito where you can enjoy pasta and sandwiches but the La Mesa is better for hanging out with friends and enjoying the night life atmosphere. Be sure to check out vacation property rental listings to stay in the city and feel like you live there. If you are a property owner in Cuenca, you can list your vacation property free on Staying in vacation home accommodations is always a treat in such a historic city.

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