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Canoa, Ecuador Surfing Vacation Rentals

Canoa, Ecuador is a very popular destination for surfers in the know. Canoa is comparable to Montanita but without the crowds, high prices and actually has more surf breaks. There is not as much to do as Montanita so for where it lacks in nightlife, it makes up for in quality surf.  It has a beautiful uncrowded beach, funky bars, cheap eats and a few souvenir shops.  If you are visiting Canoa chances are you are here for the amazing surf opportunities as there are some spectacular places to surf. So bring your surfboard or rent one at one of the many surf shops and hit the uncrowded waves. Another popular attraction to Canoa is the bluff behind the city. Its a mini cliff and launching point for many parasailers and hang gliders. This bluff makes for a perfect take off point and the uncrowded beach makes for a great landing spot. If you are looking for an affordable vaction rental in Equador, you can browse our locations on as well if you own a vacation home in Canoa, Ecuador you can list your vacation rental on adventurepads for Free. It is a great way to add extra exposure to your vacation rental without having to spend more money on advertising.

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