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4 Less Expensive Window Treatments Ideas

Window treatments are the decorations to make your window look more appealing. It can either be around or over the windows. This is usually done by those who are redecorating their houses or those who have a new house.

Curtains, Shutters, blinds, and shades are examples of window treatments. However, some of these could be a bit expensive.

So, we are going to give you ideas on how to redecorate your windows without spending much.

how to redecorate your windows

DIY on Youtube and Pinterest

Today, people who do not have enough budget for well-designed curtains still manage to provide beautiful decorations for their windows. It is because there are lots of DIY articles and videos that can be seen online.

Since internet shows how everything is done, you can definitely learn how to make a curtain made out of old clothes or leftover fabric. There is step by step DIYs that you can watch on Youtube and Pinterest.

As an example, you can use a wooden stick with decorations on it as an alternative to a curtain rod. Another is you can cut old shirts into triangular shapes and hang them on a string or rod.

There is a huge number of it, and all you have to do is to find which one you want.

Hand Painted Fabric

Most plain or white fabrics are cheaper than the other printed ones. You can buy a white textile and print anything on it using a fabric paint. But, before doing so, make sure that you cut it base on your window measurement.

For it to be even memorable, you can put handprints on the fabric with your family or friends. And, for children’s room, you paint letters or animals on the plain curtain.

Thrift Store

If you cannot afford to buy the window treatments on malls you can visit a thrift store. There are thrift stores that sell second hand curtains, blinds, shades and other decorations that can be used for your home.

In addition, since thrift store offers very cheap things, you can even buy extra decorations to make the redesigning of your room or house more exciting and modish.

Inexpensive or On Sale Window Coverings

Now, if it is too hard for you to do the mentioned ideas above, you can visit stores or blinds and shades company who can go with your budget. You can look for the items that are on sale or those cheapest ones.

Some stores and companies also give away coupons or promo codes, and you can maximize this for your window decoration you can find window blinds in Austin Texas. You may also visit Blinds and Shades Austin since they regularly offer discounted items.

blinds and shades company


It is practical to look for ways to save money, which is a very great idea. However, sometimes, as we try to be economical it results in spending more than saving more. It is due to not having in-depth knowledge of what we do.

Therefore, sometimes it is way better to spend on the expensive stuff but with great quality. Since it would last long, it will also save you money for a long time.


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Uses Of A Futon Mattress

Do you want to conserve some space in your residential unit? Then buy a great quality futon mattress and frame today for a two in one furniture.

Getting a furniture that provides a multi-purpose use can help you conserve space in your interior place. Moreover, if you have a small space, it helps you avoid your room to look tight. One of these items of furniture that you can have are the wooden or metal futon sofa beds.

great quality futon mattress and frame

Seating And Sleeping Mattresses Made From Futons


Futon mattresses are sleeping mats that originally came from Japan and have now become popular in the US. This is because of its soft cushion that makes sleeping more comfortable.

Today, futons have become commercialized and turned into sofabeds with frames made of metal, wood, or a combination of the two. Moreover, here are some uses of a futon mattress ate home:


Where To Use A Great Quality Futon Mattress And Frame


  1. Small Studio Type Condos And Apartments


Many apartment units today are downsizing into studio types. Apart from conserving space, it is also an advantage to the tenant as they may cost lower than the mid-sized units. If you are renting a studio-type condominium or apartment unit, be more strategic in using your small space. Buy wooden or metal futon sofa beds which you can use for seating in the morning and making your guests comfortable, and convert into a soft-cushioned bed in the evening for a good quality sleep.


  1. Bedrooms


Make your or your children’s room become more personalized. If you want to just stay in the bedroom and concentrate on your office table tasks but may be tempted to just slack in your bed, buy seating and sleeping mattresses made from futons. With this furniture, you can turn your bed into a couch and be able to concentrate on your work and finish it at a relatively shorter time.


  1. Spacious Living and Entertainment Rooms


Do you have a living room or entertainment room when you can watch videos and movies or play games on your huge screen? A great quality futon mattress and frame may be a perfect seating and sleeping furniture for your room. Play computer games on the couch all night. On the other hand, if you are watching a movie in the evening and don’t want to go to your bedroom to sleep, a simple tweaking will do and you can have your sleeping bed on the same place.


  1. Guest Bedrooms


Worry no more when your friends stay late at night and may sleep over your place. Turn your futon mattress into a bed and your guests will have a comfortable sleep at your place.

For a great design and quality futon mattress and frame, check out Futon Creations today and buy the best sofa beds made of futons for your small space.

seating and sleeping mattresses made from futons

Buy The Best Wooden Or Metal Futon Sofa Beds For Your Small Space


Make your small space look bigger or provide an extra sleeping bed for your guests without compromising the space in your home. Buy high-quality seating and sleeping mattresses made from futons today and have a two in one furniture in your small residential unit.

Top 5 Window Shades for a Stylish Interior

Windows, if not perfectly designed, could ruin the interior design of your house. Though, its main value is to have air from the outside. However, if you want to keep the nice look of your home classy window shades would contribute to it.

Moreover, there are different types of window shades to choose. Here are the most popular types of shades.

Top 5 Window Shades

Roman Shades

This type of shade blocks the heat and light of the sun. It evenly lines up when adjusted. It is usually made wood and fabric materials. You can also choose from its variety of styles such as Looped and Classic Roman Shades designs.

Motorized Shades

This is the most convenience shade. Since it can be controlled by pushing its buttons, you don’t have to go near the shades and manually adjust it.

I have also different models that you choose to. So, you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic design of your interior since it has both its mechanical function and stylish appearance.

Solar Shades

Same as the Roman shades, this window shade protects the inside from the heat and light of the sun. And, the best thing about it is the shades allow you to still enjoy the outside view.

So, this type of shade is best during summer or warm season. Moreover, since it blocks damaging UV rays, it provides provide healthier environment inside the house.

Roller Shades

This shade also prevents the coming of the heat and sunlight inside the room. There are the different model of Roller Shades for your window. You just have to choose based on your preference and design of your room.


Pleated shades are similar to cellular blinds. The only difference is that Pleated shades are made up of one layer. It created from pleated fabric.

When Choosing a Shades…

There matters to consider when choosing shades for your windows. First is to base the style and type based on the size and shape of the windows.

The design or your room also matters in deciding which shades to use. It is preferable to choose shades that block the sunlight if it is for bedrooms. This would give you a nice sleep even when there are too much heat and light outside.

Additionally, you have to options to get a style that fits the interior design. Either you buy a Ready Made ones or order a customized shade. But, if you choose the Ready Made window shades you should have a standard size window. There will also be a possibility that it would not exactly give you the expected overall interior design outcome.

So, if you want what best suits your style then go for the custom window shades.


choosing shades for your windows

Where to Buy?

You can find a lot of stores that offers either Ready Made or Custom Made shades. You can even google it. But, it is not easy to find the best shades’ provider.

The first you need to do is to identify which shades you would like to have. After this, look online for the companies that have window shades and blinds as the main product. Check the reviews and ratings. Now, directly visit the physical store when you found the right one.

However, you can always visit http://www.bellmorevillage.org/wp-admin to inquire about your problem.


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replacing and installing a new furnace

Factors To Consider When Installing A New Furnace

Have You Planned on Replacing and Installing a New Furnace?

Exterior weather conditions affect our interior temperatures. Consequently, when the temperature in our interior spaces become quite too extreme, that makes us uncomfortable.

According to handyman lakewood wa whether it is at home or in a commercial space, we need something to help us regulate on how warm or cool our place is. That’s why HVAC systems were invented.

One of the most used HVAC systems that we use today, both in residential and commercial spaces, are the furnaces. They provide a centralized heating and cooling system to all the parts of our interior spaces.

Central Heating And Cooling System Installation

Central air conditioning units don’t last a lifetime. There will always come a point when after a series of cleaning, maintenance, and repair, it has to be replaced with a new one.

Prices can be quite high when you replace and install new furnaces. Thus, it has to be properly thought of. Here are some things that you need to consider before you buy and install a new furnace air conditioning system:

Replacing And Installing A New Furnace

  1. A repair or replacement

First is to check whether your heating and cooling system needs only a repair or a replacement. The indications of this may include the life expectancy of the unit as well as the repair costs when compared to replacing and installing a new furnace. Usually, the furnace type HVAC systems need to be replaced when it has reached more than 75% of its lifespan. At the same time, you should also consider replacing your existing unit when the repair cost reaches more than one third of the cost of replacement.

  1. The condition of the duct air system

Also. check the condition of the ducts. See if it has some leakage and have them either fixed or replaced. You need to secure an energy efficient cooling and make sure that no regulated air is wasted when turning on your system. Thus, an air duct has to be in good condition

  1. Air distribution

The distribution of the air in the different areas of your room has to be even. If you think that there is one important area which is too cold or too hot from the rest, you may need to do something to resolve the distribution. You may either need to remove the door, installing a vent, or even installing a return air duct. Before you replace and install new furnaces, check how your furnace distributes the air in your whole interior space and find ways to evenly distribute it.


  1. Air filters

The filter in your furnace promotes in providing an efficient energy consumption. At the same time, it also filters out dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, and allergens that come from the outside. Thus, it provides you with better air quality. When you have a new central heating and cooling system installation, make sure that the filters are placed where it is easy for you to reach. This is so that it would be easy for you to clean or replace them.

central heating and cooling system installation

Replace And Install New Furnaces

When you think that you have to replace your existing furnace, decide smartly. Check out these tips for considering when getting central heating and cooling system installation. Follow this guide to have a better cooling and heating system for your interior space.